Meet the Officiants

Simple wedding ceremonies or marriage license signings can be done conveniently and comfortably at the Mobile Marriage home office shown here.  From 10 a.m. until 4 pm on weekdays with some availability on weekends and evenings.  Due to space constraints, guests must be limited to four.


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Charleston’s Mobile Marriage has three officiants who preside at weddings in the Charleston and tri-county area.   All are pleasant, well-dressed people with a great deal of experience in performing wedding ceremonies.


charleston officiant

Mrs. Jill Kruger has been officiating for Mobile Marriage for 10 years. She is experienced with every facet of the wedding process. Her familiarity with the best locations in the Charleston area (and willingness to share her ideas and opinions) endears her to brides from all over the world.

charleston officiant

Mrs. Lin Lewis founded Mobile Marriage in 1986 and has been performing weddings for 28 years. She’s known as the “go-to” person for sticky etiquette questions and complex ceremonies. Lin’s humor and efficiency make her the perfect choice for any event.